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5 Naye Paise and 5 Paise Coin were not in circulation form last 20 years in India and many of us not really aware of them. One such 5 Naye Coin is here 

KM # 16

Metal : Copper-Nickle

Year : 1963

Mint : Calcutta

Rev : Denomination : 5 Naye Paise (5 New Paise) in Hindi and "Rupye ka Beesvan Bhag" (20th Part of Rupee) also Hindi. Interesting fact is that unlike present coins their is no English translation of   denomination here and only hindi legends are visible.

Obv : Asoka lion pedestal

Value : USD 2.0 

Later on from 1964 "Naye Paise" phrase removed from the coins as people already understand them .

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The currency units 'Naya Paisa' & 'Naye Paise' were chosen as a way of distinguishing the decimal Paisa from the pre-decimal Paisa of the British Indian & Indian Princely States' currency systems.

The similar situation applied in Great Britain,Guernsey,the Isle of Man,& Jersey when these countries changed over to decimal currency in 1968-71,when the currency units 'New Penny' & 'New Pence' were chosen to reflect that the Pound Sterling was now divided by 100.In 1982,the currency units were changed to 'Penny' & 'Pence' to reflect that there was no longer any pre-decimal coins in circulation,apart from the 1 Shilling,which circulated as 5 Pence & the 2 Shillings,which circulated as 10 Pence (until 1992,when they were finally withdrawn from circulation).

Yes that's right.
I like to add one more point here

Paisa is used for singular i.e 1 Paisa
Paise is used for plural i.e 2 Paise, 3 Paise, 5 Paise and so on
I don't find any rarity in this coin. It is a very common coin as I think.
Mr. Kar do you have anything to support your comment except your thought/ thinking?
Dear Shariqji,
After reading your comments I feel that you are hurt with my comments. I am sorry for this. I checked my
collections and found only one 1963 calcutta mint 5p coin in my collection, where as there were three 1963 Bombay mint 5p coins with me.
It implies that 5p 1963 Calcutta mint coins were not available in sufficient quantity. Hence it is a scarce coin but not a rare coin as stated in your post.
Again according to Oxford dictionary meaning Of: Rare-- Unusual,Uncommon
Scarce-- Not available in sufficient quantity.
Hence in my opinion the word "scarce" would have been appropriate. Hope you will agree with me in this regard and not misunderstand me.

Mr Kar, I was not hurt by your comment but I was interested to know why this coin was common according to you. Thanks for elaborating words "scarce" and "rare" with help of dictionaries and examples.

Since I had already stated that this coin ( KM#16) in Krause Catalog of World Coin valued at USD 2, this is really the fact that this coin is some what rare. While other coins of "5 Paise" valued at USD 0.20 or USD 0.25.
On this basis this coin was rare to me. You also agreed that this coins is not common(uncommon) as you considerd it earlier . Also according to Oxford dictionary(as you mentioned) Uncommon = Rare

Please check :
Meaning of Word "Rare" at Oxford Online Dictionary ( which is
"(of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often" . So we can use word "rare " for this coin also since coin with this year of Calcutta mint not found very often in collections(as of yours and mine also).

Meaning of "Rare" at some other dictionaries

Meaning of "Scarce" at Oxfor Online Dictionary (

adjective : (especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand:
as raw materials became scarce, synthetics were developed
occurring in small numbers or quantities; rare:
the freshwater shrimp becomes scarce in soft water

Meaning of "Scarce" at some other dictionaries

After checking above dictionaries many times, I realise that meaning of word "scarce" also given as rare. So I dont think using word "rare" for this coin is wrong in any sense(at least in my point of view)

Shariq Khan

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